Vijayawada Kanaka Durga Malleswara temple looks to improve quality of prasadam

Following a number of complaints by devotees, officials of the Kanaka Durga temple are looking to improve the quality of prasadam. Durga Temple in Vijayawada is the second-largest temple in the state attracting around 25,000 devotees every day on average. Laddu and pulihora prasadams sold as holy offerings at the temple hold much significance for devotees who purchase these and distribute them among family and friends.

As per the temple Agama Shastra, the recipes of the laddu and pulihora prasadams are fixed and the contract agency should strictly adhere to them. For example, chickpea flour, sugar, cow ghee, cashewnuts, raisins, cardamom and other ingredients are to be used in exact quantities for preparing the laddu.

The ACB report, however, states that the quality of laddu has deteriorated as officials reduced the quantity of dry fruits and ghee and increased the quantity of chickpea flour used to prepare laddu.

Many also complained that the quantity of pulihora prasadam is much less than what is promised.

Newly-appointed executive officer (EO) of the temple Bramarambha has directed the contract agency to strictly maintain the standards in preparing prasadams. “Piligims are sentimentally connected to prasadam. We will try to ensure the taste of the prasadam is not affected so pilgrims can purchase large quantities. We will not tolerate any type of discrepancies in temples from now and will take stringent action if we receive complaints from devotees on poor quality of prasadam,” EO Bramarambha said.

The authorities also plan to arrange a weighing scale at the prasadam counters that devotees can use to check the quantity of prasadam purchased.

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